7 Devils……. Devil # 1


When I was 14 I found my first love.

I’m sure like most people you’re probably thinking what could I possibly know about love at that age you’re probably thinking that it was some childhood crush but what I had with him was far from some school girl crush.

He taught me to be strong to never let anyone run over me ~ He showed me how to defend myself ~ He showed genuine understanding ~ He took the broken parts of me and put them together and 14 years to the day they took him from me.

I flew back home for this special occasion and made my way down memory lane. I went to the place I watched him get beat ~ I walked down the driveway I dragged his body ~ I drove the route I used to take him to the emergency ~ I walked down the hall and stood out the room he took his last breath ~ I drove to the church his funeral was held ~ I walked to his grave and kissed his tombstone “It’s time”
14 years of plotting and planning ~ 14 years of reliving the hell they put me through ~ and now 14 years to the day we will finish the list I started.

Me and my Rejects will spend the next 14 days taking them down one by one

Devil #1

#1 Tied me to an office chair and took photos of me wearing a clown mask while he used different objects to fuck me but his favorite was tapered candles. And #1 was also the one kicking Heath in the head which was one of the wounds that lead to his death.

We found #1 with his family bowling and having a good time with his 2 girls one of them was my age the other was 5 years over.

Hites leans over “That’s his daughter and granddaughter. I watched him for 2 hours play and joke around with his family not having a care in the world.

After watching him kiss his little family goodbye we followed him home and would you believe the sick fuck still lived in the same house.

We don’t bother knocking or bother giving him a chance to get comfortable we just walk right in and find him sitting on a chair next to the front door taking off his shoes “Who the hell are you?”

I throw a clown mask, rope and a tapered candle on the floor and it took only but a second for him to put everything together “I…” I take my backpack off and pull out some black boots “I know”. I could feel the fear coming from his body I could smell it in the air.

“Upstairs” 2 of the rejects grab him and drag him up kicking and screaming we make our way down the hallway to the room he raped me in that has now been changed into a playroom for his granddaughter.

They strip him down naked and tie ass up to a chair “Please I’m sorry” Why are people only sorry when they know pain is following?

“For what?” There is a certain joy I feel listening to pussy men cry for mercy “For what I did to you” “And what did you do to me?” I squatted lower so we could be eye to eye “What did you do to me?” He laid his head on the back of the chair and just kept shaking it back and forth.

I pulled the pictures out of my bag and Black grabbed his head forcing him to look “You mean this?” I showed him the pictures he took of me “You raped me then left me unattended like a fool”

I pulled out another picture “Or are you sorry for this?” I held up a picture of Heath “After everything you had already done to me you weren’t finished with me yet. Oh no you had to go further and you took him from me”

I could have called the police I could have given them the photos he took of him sodomizing a minor but why should I let someone else enjoy hurting him when I was the one he hurt.

“I’m sorry” Nala puts a gag in his mouth “Not yet but I promise you will be” I put the clown mask over his head put some gloves on and sit behind him “I know you can’t talk so I’ll say it for you. 11 times. 11 times we sat in this very room and you tortured me. You fucked me. You stuck things in me. You abused me while my mother sat in the other room and listened”

“I’ve kept tabs on you for 14 years I watched you raise your daughter and preyed you weren’t doing to her what you did to me. I watched you live a happy full life while I carried the weight of what you did to me”

His body was shaking and sweating his nerves were shot the tables had turned he was me and I was him “This is going to hurt” I pull out an 11 inch glass dick and jam it in his ass and watch him shake like he’s having a seizure “11 inches for the 11 times you abused me”

I fucked his ass with everything I could get my hands on till my arms got weak.

Micah hands me a bat “Heath’s” I grabbed the bat “stand him up” I gripped the bat as tight as I could “14 years ago you killed the best part of me and you tortured me years before that. And now it’s my turn”

After the first hit to his knee I blacked out and when I came back to he was laying on the floor and his leg was a mangled mess.

I wanted to take a break to rest my arms so I took the clown mask off his head and laid down on the floor next to him so I can see his face “Why the clown?” He looked so defeated he was sweating and drooling his face was red his ass was bleeding his man hood had been ripped from him “What kind of sick fuck would turn their rape room into a cute princess playroom?”

Black comes in the room “time to go” I sit up and grab the picture of him his daughter and his granddaughter “You took something from me and now it’s my turn”

His mind must have been racing with thoughts because he started jerking and pulling at the ropes.

I couldn’t help but laugh “Get your mind out of your gutter I’m not that type. And I’m not going to the police because that’s not what our kind do. Remember? But your daughter isn’t our kind and she got a nice package of your old hobby so just because I’m not the one to put you in that cage where Big John will have his fun fucking you till your insides spill out your ass doesn’t mean your baby girl won’t”

7 devils 14 days 1 down 6 to go

Beauty Cursed With Rage


Once when I was 13 I watched my mom as she got dressed for one of her charity events like I did most times she went out.

I sat on the bed and watched her transform herself from beautiful to drop dead gorgeous. I was so confused because my mother was beautiful woman she carried herself very well from head to toe her outer shell was flawless.

The confusing part to me was how a woman so beautiful could be so hateful to me she always looked like an angel but her soul was dark.

I don’t know what came over me but I yelled and told her I wouldn’t let her sell me anymore and I threated to tell someone.
She looked in her mirror back at me with this look that sent chills over my entire body she didn’t yell she just looked back at herself picked up her lipstick and put it on.

Come sit”

I sat in her vanity chair she pulled my hair back and started brushing it very slowly I will never forget the feeling.

“One day you’ll start to think you’ll be able to have a life outside of me. But I’ve already ruined you sweetie no matter how many times you fall in love the fear that I can ruin it will take over. Because fear is greater than love and don’t you ever forget that”

I’m now 28 and those words still haunt me and it’s that fear that my mother planted in me that makes me just like my mother a beautiful woman cursed with rage. Yes I have issues with letting things go. Yes I will hurt you before you hurt me. And that mentality has cost me relationships, friendships, children, stress, and a constant desire to hurt those who hurt me.

I’m a powerful woman mentally, physically, and emotionally I can take care of myself and I will lay my life on the line for those that I love. I will go to lengths that most people wouldn’t dream

I hurt the men I love because I have a deep fear that I if I don’t hurt them first my parents would have. And unless you grew up with a family like mine you’ll never really understand what that fear is like and you can never understand why I’ve taken the paths that I have taken.

I wanted to know how people see me so I reached out to a very good friend of mine Doc and I asked him 5 questions that related to me and this is what I got.

G: What’s your opinion on women using sex to get out of situations?

Doc: I think it’s a copout strategy to avoid being accountable for whatever caused the problem. If we currently have a situation or problem, sex shouldn’t be a way to avoid solving and addressing it. Instead we need to get to the source of the problem and hopefully work together so it’s not a regular occurrence. Don’t put that price on yourself either. It’s like you are bartering your body for forgiveness, which may be temporary anyways.

G: As a man what are your views on dominant women?

Doc: I’m not sure about dominant, but I do like and respect confident women. I don’t need her to be completely running the show. I feel a relationship is a give and take for both. I don’t want to be ruled, nor do I want to rule over someone. I want a partner to rule with.

G: Would you say you’re one to let go and let live, or do you have a revenge hit list? And what are the pros and cons of each?

Doc: I live and let go for my sake, not so much for the other person. Anger and resentment is such a dangerous thing to hold on to. While you’re holding on to it you are the one getting damaged by it. Everyday life gives us enough to deal with, so why add more to our plate by giving yesterday’s troubles more life today. I don’t believe there is a pro to revenge. And who’s to say they won’t retaliate again and so the cycle continues. Just get away from them. Especially if it’s reoccurring deal. There are times for second chances, and there are also times for no more chances. Plus it’s more of a smack sometimes when you don’t even care to seek revenge because they don’t deserve your attention at all.

G: Could you be with someone who was constantly out to hurt those who hurt them?

Doc: No, I couldn’t. Their thirst and focus to hurt others would exhaust me. I try to cling to positive things and thoughts, thus I wouldn’t like being around someone always dwelling on the opposite. I feel like that person wouldn’t be in the moment with me. Their mind would most likely be somewhere else scheming against someone while we are in each other’s company.

G: What are the dangers of loving a person like me?

Doc: There are dangers to loving anyone. When you love someone you’re lowering your guard and opening yourself to being hurt. However, in this case with you always being on the defensive and trying to strike before you got struck, then I myself or others would always need to be on our guard. And if that’s the case the relationship is more of a who is going to hurt who first versus being in a safe place with each other where trust and reciprocal kindness is the focus. Don’t trust too easily, but also don’t not trust men or people at all. If you do you will deny yourself some of the greatest things we can ever experience, love and peace.

G: Do you feel emasculated when a woman can fight her own battles?

Doc: No, I do not feel threatened by this at all. I actually prefer a woman that fights her own wars. I’d also have no problem if she needed my help, but her handling it is more than ok with me. I wouldn’t expect her to fight my wars, so I’d treat her the same.

The Judas Kiss


Handling a woman like Julie won’t be like handling my usual jobs because women like Julie are nothing like women like me. When I fight I use my mind and my hands when women like Julie fight they use comma signs and 0’s they feel like their money gives them power and strength.

I knew Julie would act out at the dinner party I knew she would try to embarrass me in front of the other wives. And I could’ve smashed her face in when she told my husband to have me lobotomized or when she said I was “One of those girls”. But why have everyone look at me like I was a psychopath?

No I want Julie to suffer long and slow I will take everything from her and watch her self-destruct because while a physical fight might be fun I love nothing more than a good fucked up mind game.

When we arrived home I told Runner I would set Julie’s husband up in my old house make sure he’d be comfortable.

I escorted him up to the room “I hope it’s comfortable enough” He threw his bag on the sat down and put his head in his hands “I can’t believe this” I stepped between his legs and rubbed my fingers through his hair “I’ve been here before. my ex-husband always cheated” I stepped closer still rubbing my hands through his hair “Do you know how I coped with it?”

He looked up at me and I stepped even closer “How?” I rubbed my hands across his face “I fucked someone else” I had him hooked “Actually I fucked a lot” he tries to rub his hands under my dress but I step back “You’re welcome to stay as long as you need” I turn to walk out but stop “Oh and I have a girlfriend that comes and goes so don’t be alarmed if you two bump into each other”

When I get back over to the house Runner is sitting in the stairs “I’m assuming you had something to do with what happened tonight” I take off my heels “You would assume correct. Mad?” He gets off the stairs and walks toward me “I had a long talk with Bobbie when we were apart and she ripped me a new one about how stupid I am by not realizing the kind of woman I had”

I didn’t want to hear another word I had gone far too long with my husband inside of me so before he could think about saying another word I shoved my tongue down throat.

Both our hands were shaking as were ripping and tearing each other’s clothes apart we wanted each other so bad we didn’t make it up the stairs.

He picks me up and sits me on the first surface he could find spreads my legs lifts them in the air “I’ve missed you” His fingers spread me open and his tongue licks and circles my clit the feeling was amazing but I didn’t want fore play I wanted to be fucked.

I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back “Don’t tease. Fuck me” in seconds he was pounding it was raw~rough~loud~passionate~ and everything we needed to start getting us back to what we used to be.

The next morning I got a call from Julie begging me to meet her for lunch and I agreed. She came walking in the restaurant looking a mess her makeup was runny from the night before and she didn’t even bother changing.

She’s standing in front of the table her face went pale “I didn’t know you were bringing guest” I was sitting at the table with her entire flock of wealthy wives. One of them reaches across the table and grabs my hand “After the fiasco at the charity dinner last night no one thought you were going to show. And well G put up you portion of the money this morning so..” Julie was about ready to pass out “So what?” She grips my hand tighter “Collectively we nominated G to run the fall/winter charity events this year”

Tears started rolling down her face “Why?” I stood up and walked over to her “Oh sweetie” I pulled her in for a hug and whispered in her ear “It took me less than 12 hours to take your husband and your flock. And I’m not close to being done” I pulled back grabbed her chin and kissed her on the lips “Welcome to my world. Now dance puppet”

You’ll Learn

yes i will

After my blow up with Runner I moved back next door called up Linda and Christy and put myself on lockdown for the next 24 hours.

Runner was right I’m incapable of letting things but what my husband fails to understand I have years of rage built up in me with no space for more so when anyone does anything to me or the ones I love I lose it.

And to keep myself from making things worse for my marriage I decided the best way to keep me and my mind out of trouble was to handcuff myself to my bed.

When they got to my house I told them what I needed them to do which was handcuff me in my basement and stay till Brady could get there and take over and no matter what I did or said they were not to un-cuff me. I called my Rejects and told them I was locking myself down and all plans on Julie were currently on hold.

Might seem a little dramatic for some people but for those people who think it’s a bit much have never seen me in action. If you’ve crossed me just know that in the next 24 hours I’ve called my Rejects and plans have been set in motion for you to feel my wrath.

Walking down to the basement was a heavy feeling for me because I haven’t been in this house let alone the basement since my Dad was down there.

I sat down by the pole and put my hands behind my back “Ready?” Christy was willing but cried the entire time “You’re not an animal. This is so wrong” I felt bad putting them through this “Trust me it needs to be done” handcuffed me took my phone and turned off the lights.

The first few hours were the worse because I was still pissed about the things Julie said and the fight with Runner. I feel like I become possessed when I’m angry and all I can see is red and if I can’t let it out I get worse. But this time I need to control which is borderline impossible but I don’t want to lose my husband so I kept telling myself I was willing to do whatever it was to calm down.

By the next morning when Linda un-cuffed me my wrist were cut up from pulling at the cuffs my foot was bruised from kicking the wall. But I felt calmer or at least I was lying to myself into thinking I was better.

When I turned on my phone I got text after text and voicemail after voice of people telling me Julie has been bashing me to the other wives I haven’t met yet claiming she had ran me off and that I was scared of her. I was informed one of the men were having a huge dinner party and the wives I knew and the ones I didn’t would all be there.

Julie may have a loud bark but I have a vicious bite

Over the next week I woke up every morning and watched my husband leave the house at 4 am for his run then leave at 6 for work and each time he’d wave at me but I would just stare at him. Every day he sent me flowers cooked dinner and brought it over and every day he’d ask Brady if I was ready to see him and everyday he got the same answer.

The following week instead of watching him run I ran with him neither of us saying a word to each other just running. When we got back to the house he asked if I would join him for a coworker’s dinner party I agreed and just as I was about to walk away but he grabbed my hand “Wash my back?”

He holds my hand all the way up the stairs our bathroom stops me in front of the shower and undresses me slowly.

No words are being said we’re just standing in the shower holding each other I wanted to break the silence so I looked up at him “I’m” He grabbed my face “You have nothing to be sorry for. I do and baby” I put my hand over his mouth “Let’s forget it happened”

While he’s in the shower I call up Bobbie “I got him to invite” she took a deep breath “G you sure?” Yes my plan was a little fucked up but I wouldn’t be G if I was sweet to those who shit on me.

When we got to the dinner party I immediately see Julie and when she spots me she starts walking over with a smug look on her face and all at once my rage comes back “You ok?” I didn’t realize I was squeezing Runner’s hand I take a deep breath “Fine”

Julie walks over hugs Runner “Oh good you’ve got her tamed” She looks back at me and leans in for kiss but Runner puts his hand up “She can’t be tamed so watch yourself” She pinches my cheek “Get her lobotomized and she’ll be perfect” Then she turned around and walked away.

Runner pulled me towards the door “Let’s go” I yanked back “No. we’ll stay I’m fine” He looked at me “You sure?” I grabbed his tie and pulled him down to my lips “Of course”

After dinner the men go into another room to talk business while the women sit at the table drinking and having conversation of our own.

“So what is it you do for a living G?” Before I can get a word out Julie puts her hand in my face “She’s a gold digger” The ladies all look at me with complete disgust “Oh” Julie smacks herself in the forehead “I mean oh well you know what I mean she one of those girls” A few drinks later and the men join us back at the table for dessert.

In the middle of dessert and Julie jabs the doorbell rings and her husband excuses himself from the table and at that time every ones phones go off with an URGENT email.

Her husband comes storming back in the dining “EVERYONE OUT!!” making Julie jump “Oh my god” One of the wives opens up her email and shows it to her husband “What is it?” She shakes her head “Open your email” Everyone grabs for their phones.

“Julie what the fuck is this?” He slams the photos of her fucking and sucking a group of unknown men down on the table. Her face turns pale words have completely gotten lost she looks over at me with tears filling her eyes “You did this” Her husband picks up the wine bottle and throws it against the wall “No Jul you did this. I don’t see her in this picture”

She jumps up from the table and runs up stairs Runner gets up and grabs her husband and tells him to come stay with us and pulls him out the house away from the audience.

“I’ll grab your clothes” I go upstairs and find Julie in her bathroom sitting on the toilet crying “You did this to me” I shake my head “No sweetie you did this to yourself” She jumps up from the toilet and gets in my face “Trust me Julie I’m not like those wives downstairs your money and position doesn’t scare me”
She raised her hand as if she wanted to hit me “Please do. I’ve been aching for a release” She puts her hand down “You’re low class” I start laughing “Oh honey you haven’t seen me get low. But don’t worry you will”

She throws a hair brush at me “I will not play this game” I walk over to her and slap the taste out of her mouth “This is what happens when bitches like you come for bitches like me” She tried to jump up but I raised my hand and she sat back down “You came for me so now you’ll play whatever fuckin game I wanna play and you will fuckin dance to whatever tune I sing”

Who Do You Love?

my style

“What have you done?” Bobbie and I are sitting across the table from a very pissed off Julie “Exactly what you asked me to do” She slammed her hand on the table “I ASKED…..” Bobbie jumps from her seat fist balled “Not here” I grab Bobbie’s hand and force her to sit back down.

Julie clears her throat looks around the room and fixes herself in the seat “I asked you to watch my husband not me” Bobbie leans over to whisper in my ear “Hey I’m talking to you” I hold my hand up to hear what Bobbie is saying when Julie smacks my hand down “This may be your type of work but don’t forget my husband is still higher than yours”.

Bobbie hits me under the table and gives me a nod towards the door “You have 2 sons right?” I spot Beccs and Nala walking in the restaurant hanging from the arms of Julie’s sons “You stay away from my family” The girls start walking towards us “I promise to stay away but I can’t say the same for my girls”

“Mom? What are you doing here?” Julie turns around her face turning pale “Boys? Oh
I’m here. I mean we’re here planning. I mean finishing up plans for the charity next month” One of them leans over and gives her a kiss on the cheek “What are you guys doing here?” “He points to Nala “Just grabbing some food before we head to the lake” Nala puts her hand out first “Mrs. R it’s so good to finally meet you. Christian has told me so much” Julie sticks her hand “I wish I could say the same but I haven’t heard a thing about you”

“Sorry mom this is Tanya and Josie” Bobbie started laughing at the names the girls had chosen for themselves since they’re the names of her crazy exes.
“How rude of me. I’m Christian and this is my brother Joseph” I hold my hand out “G” Bobbie waves her hand in the air “Bobbie” “Very nice to meet you both”

“Julie you told me everything about these boys except how handsome they are” Nala rubs her hand up Christians chest “Honey let’s let them get back” He kisses Nala on the forehead “Christ I’m sorry. I’ll let you ladies get back to your planning”

I hold my hand up “We were just leaving” I stand and shake Julie’s hand “I promise you’ll die over my work”
The next morning Julie asked me to meet her for lunch but when I arrived it was not Julie who was waiting for me.

“You must be G” He shakes my hand then holds the seat out for me “And you are?” He takes a seat across from me “No need to trouble with my name” The waitress comes over to take our order “No thank you I doubt this date will last long”

“I’m simply here to tell you whatever game you’re playing is being put to a stop right now” I lean back in my seat and smile “What do you see when you look at me?”

He leans to the side to get a view of my body “A cute girl that’s out of her league” I say nothing and let him continue on “I’m a problem solver. And if you become a problem I’ll solve you too”

I clap my hands and laugh “Oh my god. Does that problem solver line actually work?” I stand up from my chair walk over and lean into his ear “Don’t be fooled by the blonde hair and killer figure I’m match for any man” I kiss him on the cheek “especially ones like you” I grab my purse off the table and walk out the restaurant.

I call Bobbie from the car “Julie just tried to have a guy scare me off” Bobbie gave out one of those good gut busting laughs “No she didn’t” “Yup she did” “So now what?” “So now we do what we do best”

When I get home Runner is sitting on the couch watching T.V “Hey babe” “Hey babe. How was your day?” “Great Julie sent some guy to threaten me” He got up from the couch “G let this one go” “I never let anything go”

He walks over and wraps his arms around me “This is my career let it go” He kisses me on the forehead then walks away “Why?” “Because I don’t want you jeopardizing everything I worked for because some old lady challenged you. Be like other women for once”

My husband telling me to be like someone else sent my anger into overdrive “You knew the kinda woman you married” “Did I?” I grabbed a wine bottle and threw it into the T.V “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?” “Right now. You are”

“Yes I knew the kind of woman you were when I married you. but fuck G can we go a month without you plotting against someone. I love you but fucking hell I’m tired of wondering who’s coming for my family next because you can’t let shit go”

“I would have a baby on the way if you weren’t you” His brain must have caught up to his mouth because a few seconds after that “I didn’t mean that” “So it’s my fault?” He took a step towards me to grab me and I right hooked him “So I should I have sat back and done nothing? Did you think putting a ring on my finger would make me change my ways? “ I take off my ring and toss it to him “Fuck that I’m always gonna be me and fuck you if you don’t like it. I’m gonna go to my house. If you get lonely go find one of those other women to keep you company”

Old Fashion Reject Takedown


“I’m too good” Brady snaps his fingers and turns me and Bobbie towards the mirror “Damn Brady you are good” I pull off the wig and lay it down on the bed “Time to go to work” We pack our bags and I send a couple of texts to my other Rejects.

Few hours later Bobbie and I looking like ourselves once again and enjoying a little lunch “You ever wanna get out?” The waitress brings our food out and sets it in front of us “I’ve thought about it once or twice” I grab my drink and lean back into my chair “But then I remember No One can do what we do better than us. So why pass on the torch” She shakes her head back at me “This is true”

In the middle of lunch Bobbie gives me a nod “Here we go” A few seconds later two girls looking identical to the way Bobbie and I were dressed early walk pass our table and into the restaurant.

They walk over to the bar area and take a seat “I give it 10 minutes” it didn’t take but 5 minutes for them to be noticed by a gentleman sitting a few tables away “Damn Bobbie looks like you’re losing your touch”. After sending some very direct signals to the gentleman he gets up from the table and walks over to the bar and has a seat next to them.

Hour or so later he slides something across the bar gets up and heads back over to his table to greet two gentlemen that walked in.

The girls get up from the bar and walk out the restaurant as they pass our table one of the girls slides a card wrapped in paper on the table. Bobbie flips the card over “Hotel, time and room number” I signal for the waitress to come over and hand her some cash for our ticket “Show time”

We go into the parking structure undress and grab our change of clothes out of the trunk and quickly change. I get on one knee hand Bobbie her wig “Will you follow me into the jungle?” She covers her mouth with both hands and exaggerates her tone “Oh G I’ve waited so long for this day” Wigs get tossed on sunglasses are in place and purses are in hand. We jump in a cab and head over to the hotel to set up “God I love my job”

We walk into the hotel straight pass the desk and up to the room # written on the paper. We knock on the door and wait to see if anyone answers Bobbie calls up Brady “Eyes?” “Still here” “Perfect” Bobbie slides the key in the door and we step in “I got the Security lock”

“Let’s make this quick” We move around the room setting up cameras being sure to get every angle. I was setting up my last camera Bobbie came over leaned against the wall “If it was up to me we’d never stop doing this” I jump off the table and grab the bag “Don’t worry this isn’t ending anytime soon”

We get back in the cab and I call up Hites “Hey how’s the J.J?” I can hear loud screaming in the background “No worries Major, Micah and Black are balls deep in that bitch right now” I nod my head over to Bobbie she pulls her phone out “Beccs grab Nala you’re up”

We get dropped back off at the parking structure and changed back into Bobbie and G “Is it weird I’m turned on right now?” I shrug my shoulders “Not weird or shocking Reject work always turned you on” We jump in the car to go meet up with our bait girls to give them back the hotel key for their job later “Have fun girls”.

The next morning I was getting dressed to meet up with Julie “What happened?” Runner walks up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist “Nothing” He turns me around and starts kissing on my neck “I know my wife and I know when she puts those particular heels on someone is in for it” I slip my hand down his pants “Well why don’t you show me the particular heels I wear when I want my husband to fuck me senseless” He backs me up into closest and grabs a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti “I could say these since these are what you were wearing when I first saw you. But honestly my wife wants me to fuck her senseless no matter what she’s wearing”

When I get in the car Bobbie is giving me that look “Really?” I try to keep from laughing but I couldn’t “You try looking at that dick and saying no” She rolls her eyes at me and heads towards our location.

We’re standing outside the hotel room when Micah pokes his head out and gives us a wink “Ladies” HE opens the door wider for us to walk in and to show us he’s completely naked.

Bobbie walks in first looks down at Micah’s dick and smacks it “What the fuck Bobbie?” She shrugs her shoulders “Put it away and I won’t smack it” The sound of moaning and screaming was loud and clear.

When we hit the corner Julie had Major in her ass and Black down her throat “Well what do we have here?” She pulls Black out of her mouth and tries grabbing the sheets to cover her naked body “Its not what it looks like” I start looking at the mountain of condom wrappers on the nightstand “Looks like you’re being fucked. And not by your husband”

I pick her dress off the floor and toss it at her “Get dressed we have reservations”