Heaven-Sent & Hell Proof


After I left Daniel in the restaurant with a shattered ego and one hell of a hard of a hard I went to the house my brothers shared when they were working together. I used to come to this house to feel closer to my brothers but now I walk in and feel nothing more than disappointment and rage.

I sat on their couch and stared at the walls remembering all the good times we had and just thinking to myself it was all fake…. their artificial love for me….. their false protectiveness over me…..all of it was just to trick me into trusting them.

I brought myself to tears thinking about it so I called my husband “I need you to get here as soon as you can”

You see I lied to my husband and told him I was coming down here to handle some business with my girls because I know he doesn’t want me torturing myself with revenge.

48 hours later my husband was banging on my hotel door looking panicked “What the hell is going on? My brothers are downstairs checking in.” I had no words I just wanted to hold him.

I wrapped my arms around my husband and squeezed him as hard as I could “Baby what’s wrong?” I could feel his heart pounding “Baby talk to me” I squeezed him tighter “My brothers set me and Heath up”

I lay in bed with my husband and told him I lied to him about my real intentions for coming out here and gave him a rundown of what happened and what I’ve done. He didn’t judge he didn’t yell he just held me tighter and laughed “Thank you for telling me the truth but I already knew what you were up to” He kissed my forehead several times “I know you never really got the love you wanted from your family and that’s fucked up but listen…… I love you”

He got up from the bed pulled me over to the edge and got on his knees in front of me “I love you” He kissed both of my knees “I love every part of you. I love the parts that people don’t understand, I love the parts people fear. I love the beautiful, I love the dark, I love every inch of you”
“I would follow you into the darkest parts of the world if you needed me to because you would do the same for me and I can honestly say you aren’t like any woman I know. When you say you’ll kill for me I know you mean it and when you say you’ll die for me I believe it because I’ve seen it firsthand”

He grabs my hands “You’re the strongest person I know. So right here right now I’m on my knees begging you to walk away from this life that has tortured you for so many years and to love me and our family more than you hate them”

My husband just told me he would walk to the darkest parts of the world for me if I wanted. We both know if I continue on with this I’d be fighting for the rest of my life and ruining any chance of happiness so without hesitation I told my husband “Right here. Right now I choose my love for you and our family over everything else”

I truly have a man that is Heaven-sent and damn sure Hell proof

We spent the whole night talking and joking the way we used to when we first got married before my past was taking its toll on our marriage.

The next morning I went to Heath’s grave with my husband by my side along with the Rejects, my brother in-laws, and the Vixens.

I introduced Heath to my family and my family to Heath I laid flowers and a shock of Jack Daniels on his grave

“I’m sorry Heath but I’m breaking my promise to you” I had every intention of being strong but saying those words out loud to his grave was breaking my heart.

“I wish I could give you some long drawn out reason but the truth is my reason for letting you go is very simple…. The love for my husband”

“You taught me a lot in our short time together you were my first love my first real experience of passion but you are gone and that changes everything” My husband wrapped his arm around me and kissed my temple “You’re doing good”

I took a deep breath “I know if you weren’t our lives would be completely different but the reality is you are and I need to except the facts. And those facts are that my brothers set you up and profited off your death. I wish it would please me to tell you they got what they deserved but truth is. I’m having a hard time accepting that my brothers were monsters so I won’t…..For the sake of my sanity”

I felt guilty telling the man lying in a grave before me the man that I once loved so much I held a 14 year grudge for I was letting my grudge go. I knew who the players were that resulted in his death and I planned on doing nothing else about it.

I have sacrificed a lot to keep my promise to Heath but I will not sacrifice my Husband

16 thoughts on “Heaven-Sent & Hell Proof

  1. OHkls says:

    Oh my God, sis. This brought tears to my eyes – for many reasons. I’m so glad you’ve made the decision not to let the past destroy your future. Of course I know it’s not going to happen overnight, but it WILL happen. Especially with the love and support of a wonderful man who would do anything to make you happy. It might take a little time but you ARE a strong person and I know you can do it!

  2. Cinn says:

    Much love G
    That’s strength


  3. Miss Lizzy says:

    I love that the new G has won.
    Sending love and the hugs that go with them.

  4. mel says:

    Good for you babe. I’m so happy and pleased… You and Jason can have an amazing life now!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. yummy says:

    How’s everything going? What are your plans for thanksgiving?

  6. johncoyote says:

    A powerful story. Hard to lay to rest old places and memories. I like the way you handle the situation. Real love grow in struggle and good days. Thank you for sharing the story.

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