7 Devils……..Devil #4


Devil #4 has a list of offenses that would take too much time to list but #4 is familiar to anyone who’s read my blog from the beginning.

There’s no need for us to plot ~ plan~ or underhand each other because we’re both aware of each other’s tricks and games and since #4 had been dealt with awhile back there was no need to reopen old wounds.

As I’m sure you figured out #4 is none other than my ex-husband Daniel and as you know Daniel played a major part in Heaths death.

A little bird told me #4 was having dinner at one of his favorite restaurants drowning his sorrows with fucking waitress and drinking liquor like it’s water.

When I got to the restaurant I see Daniel sitting at a booth eye fucking a woman across the room. I walk over to his booth “I see things haven’t changed”.. “My wicked ex-wife. What do I owe the pleasure?”

I slide in the booth next to him grab his wine glass and hold it up to the woman he was seducing across the room “A bit old for you don’t you think?” He grabs the glass out of my hand and slams it on the table breaking it and spilling wine across the table “You made me hurt my daughter” .. “You killed my boyfriend”.. “You turned my girls against me”.. “You beat me”.. “You ruined my family” .. “You threatened my husband”

The waitress interrupts our back and forth before it gets too out of hand for the rest of the patrons “Sorry Sr. I’ll grab you another” She cleans off the table grabs the broken glass she looks at me “Can I grab you anything?”

Before I have the chance to answer Daniel covers my mouth “If your heart is pure she’ll take it on a salt plate with lemon caper sauce ” I turn towards him slide my hand up his thigh and grab his dick and squeeze making him take his hand off my mouth “Oh sweetie you know I only enjoy devouring the hearts of demonic men” I look back at the waitress “Bring me a wine as well please”

The waitress brings our wine and #4’s dinner “I have a question?” I stick my hand in his pants and begin stroking him “So wicked” His eyes close and he lies his head back “I heard a rumor about my brothers” He jerks his head up and grabs his wine “Who was foolish enough to speak about the G siblings? Everyone knows the youngest G would cut out their tongue”

“Rumor is my brothers were the masterminds behind Heaths death?” Daniel adjusts himself but before he could get comfortable I grab the steak knife off the table and press it against his balls “You wanna do this here?”.. “What’s wrong Daniel did you lose your touch” He grabbed the back of my neck “Do not make me turn into that demon you hate” I press the knife harder “You may be a demon Daniel but never forget I’m the monster that demons fear” He squeezes my neck tighter and I press the knife harder “You will tell me the truth because it will hurt me. And after everything we’ve done to each other you want nothing more than the opportunity to hurt me”

He released my neck “Yes. Is that what you want to hear? Your upstanding brothers set your little boyfriend up and they sent you away and while you were away Gav became your mother’s business partner and Gab became your dads right hand. Happy now?”

He started laughing and drinking his wine “Your dad fucked you, your brothers betrayed you, your sister left you and your mother hated you. I’d rather be a dead demon than a lonely monster”

“You gave your daughter and her mother control of your company to keep your sorry ass out of prison. Now all you can do is sit on the side line and watch them run your empire into the ground. Don’t forget your oldest is a part of my family now so the only lonely thing at this table is you”

I slam some money on the table “Dinner is on me. I know your pockets have been losing a little weight” I grab his chin and give him a kiss “Take care baby”

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