7 Devils……..Devil #3

3 things

#3 wasn’t a penetrator his kink was tying me up and licking my body till I was covered in his spit. He would spend hours sniffing licking kissing and tasting every inch of my body. When he was done with his foreplay my body would smell like sour milk and cigars which lead us to phase 2 the baby bath.

He would fill up his master tub with water throw whatever flower pedals he felt like day along with lavender bubble bath. He would pick me up and sit me in his bath while he sat behind me and gently washed my body with baby wash “I love tasting you. I can taste your darkness”
#3 was the one to break Heaths ribs

I met up with my girls at a small boutique that is owned by #3’s young girlfriend’s best friends.
Back when he was on top of the world #3 still had an issue with his urge for young meat and started a relationship with a 17 year-old girl. The big issue with that young girl she just so happened to be his boss’s youngest princess and when he found out about the relationship he threatened to send #3 to prison but

#3 threatened to tell his own secrets. As it turns out the boss and #3 had been into some illegal dirt with each other so when #3 made his own threats the boss backed down from getting the authorities involved.

That wasn’t the end of Boss Daddy’s rage he blacklisted #3 from every top company in the country. #3 had to sell just about everything to stay afloat but he kept one thing that he held very dear to his heart and that was his family boat.

Right after being blacklisted he had a traumatic experience in the water where his calf was ripped off by a shark and just last year he started getting comfortable going back into the water.

Fear of water still dating underage girls it was clear #3 was going to make this very easy.

Like clockwork we see #3 bring his little love lunch. He doesn’t look like the same suave man he used to be its clear life hasn’t been too kind. “Plan A or B?” “A”

2 hours we’re at the docks looking till we run into #3

Nala walks over while I stand back with Beccs “Do you do the boat ride thing” “Not today. I have an appointment” “look it’s my best friends bday and her married boyfriend just dumped her. I’ll pay double” Nala pulls out cash “Is this enough to change that appointment”?
#3 was on hard times for cash and couldn’t afford to pass up the opportunity

When we step on the boat Nala whistles and the guys come running down the dock with some of my Vixens “I invited my brothers and some very horny girls that love fucking hope you don’t mind”
It doesn’t take long for #3 to drop his guard and join in on the drinking and fun happening around him.

He staggered next to me “I know you” “Do you?” “You’re the girl mistress. why aren’t you having fun” “My fun begins in the morning” “Ahh come on let that dark side out” he kisses me on the cheek “I can taste the darkness in you” “You have no idea”

I sit back and watch him get drink after drink shoved in his hand. Completely unaware of what is going to take place when the sun rises.

When he wakes up he’s naked hogtied with several cinder blocks at his feet laying inches away from the edge of the boat “Good morning sweetie” it takes him a moment to collect himself but once he does he goes into instant panic mode he starts jerking around “Careful you might fall over”

“The money is in the lock box in my cabin”.. “We don’t want our money back”.. “What do you want?” “Your confession”.. “What? My confession?”

“18 years ago you were one of the first men that began paying a woman to molest her 10 year old daughter 2 years after that you became a regular 2 years after that you took part in the beating of that girls boyfriend then assisted in covering it up. Why did you do these things?”

All the blood drained from his face and he stared at me like he saw a ghost “I. She said. They all said they would handle you” .. “They all? The men that beat him?”.. “No. Your mother and brothers” .. “Excuse me? My brothers?”.. “Your mother and brothers came to us and said that the heath boy was going to tell people about what we had done so we needed to handle it?”

Rage filled me “Open the bag” one of the Rejects dumped the duffel bag and frozen pieces of fish “Block one” Another Reject pushed one of the cinder blocks over he slides back a little but 2 more Rejects grab him before he slides over the edge “Tie the bait”

“Lie on my brothers again. I will send you in the water bleeding making sure everything in that water takes a bite of you on your way to the bottom” .. “I’m not lying. They came to me and said they were putting together a group of guys to handle the situation”

“None of us knew each other until the first night it was supposed to happen but you ran off and the oldest one said he knew how to get you back” .. I wanted to cut his tongue out and send him to the bottom of the ocean

“Open him up” One of the Rejects cut the top of his shoulder “it was your brothers idea to put you in the mental institution”

I felt sick to my stomach because I remember begging my brothers to get me out of there and they didn’t they let me sit in there day after day.

“You’re lying” I couldn’t stop my eyes from filling up with tears there was no way the only two family members I believed loved me would betrayed me like that. They loved me ~ they looked out for me ~ no way those two would ever go that far.

#3 told me after they cleaned up they met with my brother and dad “Your brother kept saying Kid won’t forgive us. And the other one said She has no choice” Gab never called me Kid around people he wasn’t close with it was his weird way to let people he was in good with them.

“It was a setup the whole thing was a setup. From the time they brought that boy into your home till the time everything happened your family had it out for his.” my mind was about ready to explode my heart was shattered “Take me back” .. “Thank you”.. “Don’t thank me. Yes we’re going back but that doesn’t mean I’m done with you”

14 years I’ve waited for the moment I promised Heath I would take 14 years with 7 devils in my mind 14 years of hating 7 men when it should have been 9.

7 thoughts on “7 Devils……..Devil #3

  1. Pua Nani says:

    There’s no woman like you G. You should write a book 🙂

  2. Miss Lizzy says:

    Dear G, That was a big shock. I wanna lock you up in a big hug and not let you go for a little bit xoxo

  3. OHkls says:

    Damn G. My heart goes out to you. Big hugs, sis.

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