7 Devils……..Devil # 2

red hood

Devil #2 used to dress me up like Red Riding Hood get me drunk and chase me around the house with a whip and every time he caught me he would hit me till I was in tears. Then he would take my intoxicated minor body up to the room tie me to the bed and do whatever he pleased.

#2 also helped my mother get away with what she did to Heath.

Like most men of wealth #2 was a collector of exotic and vintage things especially wine’s so I contacted an old friend of mine to send out an exclusive invitation to a private vintage wine auction. I knew #2 wouldn’t miss out on the chance to rub his money in others faces.

Walking into the auction there were people worth millions to your left and to your right the lights were dim the music was low the setting was very intimate.

I was wrapped around Micah’s arm looking like a well-established couple “Remember the plan” after a quick walk around I found #2 over at the bar getting himself a glass of wine. I walk over “Shot of your strongest” I instantly get the feeling of his eyes scanning my body “I like my women like I like my wine aged and well defined. How about you?” He takes a few steps closer

#2’s favorite color is red it turns him on like foreplay and porn turns on others so I wore a tight red bandage style dress for both the color and the hint that I like to be tied up.

“I’m not the drinker my husband is” I turn around and point to Micah flirting with some blonde in a black dress “Shame he doesn’t appreciate a fine body” I grab my shot and throw it back “He appreciates all the good bodies that’s the problem. Excuse me” I slam the shot glass down and leave the room.

The night goes on and Micah finds himself chatting up 3 blonde beauties while I stand in the corner looking like a bitter jealous wife.

#2 walks over with 2 glasses of wine “Your ass looks amazing in red” I look over at him with a disgusted look that didn’t faze him one bit “I would apologize. But something tells me you like the attention” I snatch the wine out of his hand “I’m married”
“Your husband apparently didn’t get that memo” I roll my eyes and try to walk away but he grabbed my arm “

It was time for the auction to start and time for Micah and I to put on our first scene. We start an argument with each other away from prying eyes but loud enough for everyone to hear. He storms away from me and grabs a hand of one of the girls.

At first #2 wasn’t biting the bait so I waited for a clear opportunity to bait him again. When I saw him walk in the restroom a run in bawling tears and bumped right into him “I’m so sorry but the ladies room was full” He went to walk out “Wait. Did you mean it?”

“Excuse me?” I turned around “That my ass looks amazing?” He closed the door and walked up to me “Why?” I turned around a slightly lifted up my dress “If you think it looks amazing now. You should see it in your bed”

We sneak out of the auction and rushed to the car “How long till you have me in your bed?” my hands were all over him begging him to drive fast “I want you to rip this red dress off and punish me”
The veins in his neck got bigger his breath got heavier “What are you limits?” I licked the side of his face “When I say stop you fuck me harder” He damn near crashed when I said those words “oh you dirty girl”

We pull up to his house jump out the car and hurry to the door “Nice house” Before we could step over the threshold he was pulling at my dress “You ready?” I rip open his shirt “For what?” He puts his hand up my dress and pulls down my panties “I’m going to do some terrible things to you little girl”

I grab his face and bite his lip “Nothing you haven’t done before” I feel him get yanked off me then the lights turn on and I see he’s being held on the floor with his mouth covered by my Rejects who are dressed in all black “I’ll be back. Get him ready”

When I step out the room I’m dressed like Red Riding Hood I see #2 stripped down nakedtied to a chair with a gag in his mouth and a chair placed right in front of him.

I take a seat and one of the Rejects hands me a nail gun I put right against his knee cap “I’m going to take off the gag if you say a word without my permission that’ll be 6 nails in your knee. Understand?” He nods his head and one of the Rejects removed his gag “Do you remember me?”

“Yes. I’m sorry” “What did you do to me?” “I’m sorry” They put the gag back in his mouth and a pillow over his head and I shot a nail in his shin “I didn’t ask you if you were sorry. I asked what you did” He’s trying to scream but it’s being muffled “Shut up or it’s 10 in the dick”

“What did you do to me?” “Violated you” “No need to be politically correct. You fucked me. You stuck that dirty old dick in me. You raped me” “I’m sorry” “I’m sure I’ll get that a lot in the next few days” “What else?” “I don’t know” I gave him a little smack “Come on focus” “I don’t know”

I jerk the nail gun like I’m about to put another nail in his leg “NO PLEASE. I DON’T KNOW I SWEAR” I smack him again “You watched me drag my boyfriend’s beaten body out the garage then you helped my mother get away with it”

One of the Rejects puts a bucket next to me and hands me a pair of gloves and tongs “Gag him” I take my favorite picture of heath and tape it to his chest.

I grab his dick and start stroking it “Think about how good you felt when you fucked me. Go back to that time. I want you to relive my screams. I want you to remember me begging you not to do it”
His dick got hard as a rock I slipped the gloves one grabbed the tongs reached in the bucket and grabbed a golf ball size piece of dry ice and held it against his dick.

After just a few seconds he was digging his fingers into the arms of the chair “Does it hurt?” Tears are falling down his face his neck is turning red the veins in his forehead look like they’re about to burst. I grabbed another big piece and sandwiched his dick between them “That pain you feel doesn’t come close to what you did to me” I pull the dry ice off his dick and put the pieces back in the bucket.

They push his chair into his cozy home theater “Do you know why my mother. Made you rape me in a location of her choice”

The screen turns on and it’s a grainy video compilation of all my times with #2 “She taped every single man that paid her to fuck me in case any of you needed to be reminded” He put his head down and one of the Rejects smacked him across the chest with a belt “Pay attention bitch”

As the video went on he put his head down several more times and received several more hits and after the film was done I cut off his ties “Follow me upstairs” My back was to him so I couldn’t see the amount of pain he was in but I could hear it with every step he took up the stairs.

When we got to his bedroom door I stood to the side “Step in” When he pushed the door open his face went from excruciating pain to absolute agony. Because waiting for him in his room were 2 very large very horny men that love having their way with child molesters.

I put a red hood over him “Now I know you have to get to a hospital before your dick falls off from frostbite. But my friends here paid good money for that sweet ass of yours”

7 devils 13 days 2 down 5 to go

4 thoughts on “7 Devils……..Devil # 2

  1. marcus says:

    Brilliantly written

  2. Miss Lizzy says:

    I think I love you xoxo

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