My World…..Part 2


I’ve been my husband’s secretary for a month and already I’ve caused a little ruckus in the building. Yvonne and her band of lazy home wreckers have moved on to men lower on the totem pole while the wives have been getting much needed attention and apology gifts from their low life husbands.

I found myself being inducted to the rich wives club it was no time before I was being invited to charity luncheons and gossip Saturday brunches.
This past week was one busy week for me planning V.R.M ~ Candy’s Deadly Sin ~ working my 9-5 ~ wife duties ~ trying to get pregnant ~ and just being G.

Tuesday started off like every day for the past month ~ alarm goes off=we have sex ~ shower=we have sex ~ getting dressed= we have sex ~ in the car=hand job. We try to keep our hands to ourselves in the elevator but we fail miserably and I wish I could say our recent insatiable appetite for each other is a natural husband and wife phase but honestly I think it comes from us finally being done with the “Basement Problem”.

When we get to the office area we see several women sitting on the couch “Good morning. You must be G” By the looks of them I knew they had some serious business with me “Yea and you are?” She stood up from the couch and walked over “I got your name from Barbara. Can we do lunch?” She hands me a card with her cell and restaurant information written on it.

Runner was in the works of getting a huge promotion so lately once he gets into work mode he has tunnel vision which made my want for him even stronger.

He came back from a meeting and was clearly he was a little over stressed I had an hour before my lunch with the Cougars club. So I decided to use that time to relieve my husband’s stress I put all his calls to go straight to voicemail.

When I walked in his office he was on the phone his neck was red and whoever was on the other line was getting a good ass ripping.

I locked the door behind me walked over to his desk lifted up my skirt and sat on his putting my legs on either side of him. Since wearing panties to work was a No No to my husband I didn’t have to worry about anything getting in our way.

I hooked my foot into the arm of his chair and pull him closer he reaches into his jacket and pulls out some keys unlocks the top drawer of his desk and pulls out a pink vibrator. He turns it on and hands it to me and mouths “Have fun” I lean back on my elbows and mouth right back “Don’t hang up” He adjust my heels on the arms of his chair and pulls himself even closer.

I’m listening to my husband dominate over the phone while watching my every with that sexy dark predatory stare. I rub the vibrator between my lips before I can even get all the way into it he grabs my wrist “Kyle hold on” He puts the phone down grips the back of my thighs and covers my pussy with his mouth and goes to town on my pussy.

I drop the vibrator and grip the edge of the desk trying to keeping my screaming and moaning to a minimum. He stands up drops his pants “Grab your heels” I do as I’m told “Open” I open my mouth and he slides two fingers in my mouth hooking them under my tongue.

He rubbed the head of his dick against my pussy “Please” this time around I didn’t have to plead but once. All of his stress and aggression was released in every mind blowing thrust “Harder baby” he went from moaning to animalistic growling.

My body was sliding up and down the desk my mouth felt like it was being ripped open “Oh god”

I released my heels and grabbed the top of the desk he laid on top of me covering one of my hands “You” He took in a deep breath pressed his mouth against my ear “”

That’s all I needed “I’m gonna cum” He squeezes his fingers in my mouth “Not without me” He thrust harder “FUCK!”

After cleaning myself I go off to meet up with the Cougar club leaving freshly fucked husband to have lunch with his colleagues. When I get to the restaurant I see the ladies that were at the office along with 5 more ladies including Barbara. I wasted no time “What’s this about?” Barbara orders me a drink “I told these ladies what you did for me and they would like your help” I around the table “My help with what?”

The lady from the office was blunt and straight to the point “Well I want evidence my husband is cheating” I lean back in my chair “I’m not fucking your husband” I look at Barb “What exactly did you tell her I did?” Barb grabs my arm “I just told her you shaped up our husbands” I look back at the lady sitting across from me “I’m sorry…” She smiles “Julie”.

“Well Julie I don’t fuck married men except mine” She shakes her head “If money is an issue….” This bitch was trying to insult me “Let me stop you there because I promise you my bad side is not a place you want to be”

One of the other girls chimed in interrupting the stare between me and Julie “I just came for sex advice” I pulled out my phone and called Bobbie who was in town helping me get some final things ready before we had to fly out for V.R.M “How soon can you get here?”

Julie started looking a little worried “I wasn’t trying to offend” I shoot her a look “Relax I stopped you before you made a grave mistake”
Bobbie walks in with Brady “So who’s getting fucked?” I point to Julie then look over to Barb “You can bring the ladies by for drinks tonight” She looks around the table “Ladies shall we” Julie stands up to excuse herself “Sit down” She looks at the other ladies and tries to sit with a little dignity.

“Julie here needs us to catch her husband in a very compromising position” Bobbie turns to Julie “How compromising we talkin?”

Ride Till I Die Chick

This is dedicated to all the Ride Till We Die wives,girlfriends,bestfriends and any other label of female that holds it down for her man in any situation

And those strong men that encourages his strong woman to stand next to him so they can seize the heavens together.

My World……Part 1


I spent the rest of my week tracking down the wives of the men Yvonne and her little group of tacky tramps were sleeping with.

When I went into work that day I wore a tight red dress that made my ass look amazing with a slit so high going up the back if I bent over too low that would get a nice site of my pussy lips. I went to each of their offices and gave the same little speech “I’m planning a little wives lunch date this weekend”

They did just as expected they looking me up and down their minds wondering what was underneath the tight dress.  I would tease them just a little and sit my ass on their desks so they could get a good view “I would really love it if your wife would come”

Saturday around 11:30  I walk into the restaurant give my name and got escorted to my table to see 5 ladies one looks to be my age in her late 20’s another in her late 30’s and the other 3 are in their mid-40’s.

“Ladies thanks for coming” They look me up and down wondering just why I brought them here. They point their noses up at people so much they have permanent wrinkles that no amount of Botox could take away. I could already see this wasn’t going to be an easy group to get along with

I take a seat and order myself some food the ladies ignore me and talks amongst themselves here I was trying to be nice to some stuck up bitches. But they didn’t know when it comes to playing hard ball I play a dirty game. I cleared my throat and told them  “Your husbands are cheating on you” The chit chat stops and all heads turn towards me.

“You brought us here to tell us you’re sleeping with our husbands” I pointed myself and started laughing “Me? Dear god no. Have you seen my husband?” Even if I was still in my fucking older men phase their husbands would not be able to lick the dog shit off my red bottoms.

“How do you know?” Barbara is eyeing me down hard  with her arms crossed “Because I know the girls that suck their sweaty dicks after a long meeting” Barbara rolls her eyes at me and starts whispering in one of the ladies ear.

I interrupt her “Let me guess. You’re all housewives none of you making your money but you slide some off the top of the little allowance he gives you and put it into an account your husbands don’t know about” Oh yes I had their attention now “You signed prenup’s. You all went in with nothing so you’ll leave the same way. So you turn a blind eye to your husband’s fucking other women because you don’t want to lose your comfy title of Wife”

Carolina chimes in “You must have been one of them before” I give her a smile “Sweetie I’ve been fucking older men since I was 12. I got one to divorce his wife when I was barely out of high school. I made my first million before I was 19. More if you count the houses, jewelry, and cars. If you wanna be really generous you can count the hundreds of trips that have been paid for. And all of that from fucking men like your husbands” I take a sip of my drink “So no I wasn’t one of them I was the Queen of them”

Their eyes were big and mouths open “So would you like my help or do you still want to be the naïve housewives?” It took nothing for the younger girls to agree but the older ones were still a little on the ledge “What do you want for this?” I shake my head “I’m teaching some youngins a lesson. That’s payment enough for me”

After lunch we go to my house where Brady and his friends has set up my guest room like a makeup studio “Ladies this is Brady and his dream team” They sit in the chair and I watch my plan beginning to work.

Runner comes in the room looks around “Ahh shit what are you up to now?” I give him a kiss “Making friends” He shook his head “If you say so” He stops and puts his head back in “Does this have anything to do with the dinner tonight?” I put my shoulders up and shook my head “No” He saw right through me like he usually does.

 “Liar. Oh and Christy is here” Brady damn near bust me in lip when he threw his hands up. Brady and Christy had become best friends in their short time knowing each other Brady was even Christy’s wedding planner.

Christy comes busting in the door runs over and hugs me and Brady “Good I’ve been dying for some action. What’s the angle?” Both her and Brady are giving me eyes “What? There’s no angle I’m just helping” They roll their eyes at the same time “Yea right” Christy takes a seat on the table between me and Brady “What? I know how to be nice” They fall out into laughter almost bawling tears in the process “Brady already told me” I look over to Brady “Oh what? You know I can’t keep anything from my little Christy Boo”

While I was busy looking for the wives Brady was planning a dinner party for Runner’s coworkers and their little tramps. Around 8:00 Runner went ahead of me so the men can do a little drinking before the dinner got on the way. And trust me they’ll need all the liquor they can handle for the night I had planned.

9:30 I met the ladies outside and they were dressed to the 9’s “Ready?” They looked a little nervous “What are we going to do?” I tried to calm their nerves  “No man wants to lose to another man worth more or more powerful than he is” When I said that you could tell a little makeover gave these ladies the confidence they lost so long ago. “Remember you walk in that bitch like you own the fuckin place”

We walk in walk right pass the hostess who was a snobby little bitch “Can I help you?” I keep walking “No you can’t” We see the men sitting at the table with their little girls sitting next to them. The look on their faces was priceless all the color drained from their faces you could see the wheels turning in their heads trying to work up a good lie.

The mistress looked like they wanted to shit themselves the husbands stand up and we continue walking pass the table not looking at them.

When we get to our table there are 5 extremely handsome men sitting at the table worth more than their husbands combined.

I made sure I table was close enough so the husbands could see these men getting their heavy flirt on “Stage one ladies” Out the corner of my eye I see Runner gets up and walks over to our table. He leaned down in my ear “You’re evil and I love it. I’m fucking on the balcony tonight” He kisses me and goes back to his table. 

Making 9 to 5 Look Good….Part 2


After stripping down in his office he stopped the holding out game and fucked me something vicious on his desk. “Does this mean you’ll work for me?” I push him off me “I’ll see you tomorrow Sir” I try to sit up and he pushes me back down spreads my legs and fucks me once more.

I’ve been here for a few days and I’ve been invited to lunch by the other secretary’s ooops I mean administrative assistants apparently the girls around here get offended if you call them by the wrong title but Honestly I think secretary sounds sexier but maybe that’s just me.

Yvonne comes by my desk like she’d been doing for the past few days “Lunch?” I decided what the hell let me take her up on her offer “Let me grab my things” I grab my purse and stand to walk away “Aren’t you going to ask Mr. J if you can take lunch?” It took everything in me not to laugh “Oh sweetie that’s so cute”

We’re walking down the street of downtown along with 4 other assistances all the girls look to be in their early 20’s. They take me to their favorite lunch spot and in seconds I’m being hit with questions about what it’s like to work for Jason.

These girls had no idea I was his wife and I wasn’t about to share that news because If it’s one thing ladies love doing over a good meal is a good gossip session.

“What’s it like?” I pick up my glass “He’s very demanding and aggressive” They’re shaking their heads and one of the girls rolls her eyes “I heard we was going to hire his wife. How tacky is that?” Yvonne throws her hand in the air “I know right. I heard the wife is some bimbo housewife” Then she turns around and grabs my arm “Have you met her?”

Part of me wanted to tell them I was the bimbo housewife but I decided to have a little more fun with it “Oh yea she came in yesterday looking so trashy.” I leaned closer into the table “I think they fuck in his office because I heard all kinds of noises coming from there”

These girls were eating up every word out of my mouth “You’re so much better than Annie she never gave us any dirt” I always thought Annie was a good egg and I’m happy these youngins proved me right.

The further lunch goes on I find out who is sleeping with who it turns out these 4 young girls are mistresses and like expected they don’t like any of the wives. They find them to be “Gold Digging Stepford Wife Wannabees” The conversation took me back to my days of being The Mistress only difference between me and them I was doing right.

Lunch was coming to an end so I sent Runner a text telling him to meet me in the lobby with a pissed look on his face and to play along.

When we got back to the building Runner was there just like I asked with a very convincing pissed off face “Oh shit girl I think you’re in trouble” They all put on a smile “Good afternoon Mr. J” He gives them a nod “Ladies” He pushes for the elevator “You left?” I handed my purse to Yvonne grabbed his tie and pulled him to me “I’m sorry baby. Why don’t you take me in your office and fuck some sense into me” He grabs a hand full of my ass “These lovely ladies behind you might rat us out”

I turn around and face the 4 stunned girls behind me grab my purse out of Yvonne’s hands “I’m pretty sure we can trust them to keep their mouths shut” The elevator dings open Me and Jason step in first and the girls are just standing there clearly not wanting to get in.  But  just as the doors are about to close I put my hands up to stop them “Come on girls” Yvonne waves her hand “We’ll catch the next one” I give a fake smile “Get in the fuckin elevator” They rush in and stand on the other side not once looking at me.

“I see you ladies met the Mrs.” He gives me a kiss “Hope she behaved herself” They all give a nervous laugh and continue looking down at the floor. The elevator comes to a stop “Thanks for lunch girls. We should do it again” When the doors open the first 2 hurry off a few floors up Yvonne and the other girl go to step off but I put my hand up to block Yvonne’s way “I forgot to tell you. That wife of his is fuckin crazy you might not want to get on her bad side” I move my arm and she practically runs away.

Runner and I walk in the opposite direction towards his office “Making enemies already huh?” I hold up a takeout box “Got your lunch” He wraps his arm around my neck “I know exactly what I want to eat” I clutch my invisible pearls “Excuse me Sir. That is sexual harassment don’t have me go to HR” He smacks my ass “Send my calls to voicemail I think we need to punish you for leaving me here hungry”

I barely get a chance to put my purse down before he’s pulling at my clothes “Hurry up baby” I’m trying to transfer all his calls to voicemail but he’s rubbing my pussy distracting me “Fuck it” He grabs my arm and yanks me into his office.

He slams the door and pins me against lifts my hands above my head “Don’t move” He lifts up my dress rips my panties squats down grabs the back of my thighs and pushes me up the door so my legs can hang over his shoulders .

“Hold on baby” I grab his head and he murders my pussy with his tongue any chance of me not moaning loudly was out the window it took absolutely no time for me to climax. His phone starts ringing he pops his up and looks up at me “You’re the worse assistant” I shove his face back in my pussy “Shut up and make me cum again”

His phone keeps ringing he pulls his head up “Guess I better that since my assistant isn’t doing her job” He puts me down walks over to his phone picks it up and sits in the chair.

I walk over to him push his chair back get on my knees undo his pants and pull his dick out he continues on with his conversation “Yea I’m free to talk” I wrap my mouth around the head and suck my way down I can hear him trying to hold back his moans so I suck harder and swallow his dick whole “FUCK!!” He grabs my hair and moves my head up and down faster and harder “No No I spilled something all over my desk”

He leans down and whispers “Just like that baby” I’m sucking harder smashing his dick to the back of my throat “Yea I’ll give you a call tomorrow we’ll set something up” He drops the phone on the floor  stands up grabs my head with both hands and starts fucking my mouth “Jesus Fucking Christ”

He grabs me throws me over the desk grabs my hair and thrusting in me.

 I’m gripping the front of the desk screaming and begging for him to fuck me harder I feel his thumb slip in my ass “I’m gonna cum” He smacks my ass hard sending a shockwave up my spine “Not yet”

He smacks my ass again “Look back at me baby” He’s giving me that devil smile that I love so much “Now” I squeeze my pussy tight together and watch him lose his mind.

After we cleaned up I went back out to my desk so he could get some work done without me trying to distract him. After an hour of no calls I decide I’m gonna go make Yvonne sweat a little so I walk over to Mr. Danielson’s office and find him standing outside talking to Yvonne

“Mr. Danielson” I stick my hand out “I’m Jason’s temporary assistant” He looks me up and down undressing me with his eyes “I was hoping I could talk to you about a permanent position once Annie comes back” I see a bowl of lollipops on Yvonne’s desk she was making this way too easy for me I grab a strawberry flavored one unwrap it slowly and slid it in my mouth.

Get it nice and wet and pop it out my mouth “Sorry I have an oral fixation” I could see the a bulge forming in his slacks “Would you like to come in my office” I rub my hand up his arm “I would l love to come…” I slip the lollipop back in my mouth moan a little then pop it back out “But Jason keeps pounding me with work I’m so sore” Yvonne’s tries interrupting “You have a meeting Sir”

I step a little closer “If you have any openings let me know. I love hard…..” I fix his tie tucking it back in his jacket “Hard?” I lean in a little close “Work” I give him a wink and turn to walk away looking back to see him in a trance watching my ass.

Making 9 to 5 look good…..Part 1


We finally came back from our vacation and just in time for Connor’s birthday and of course Runner volunteers me to do the cooking but if I have to cook on the day I get back from vacation so does he.

We’re having typical small talk while we get dinner together and he casually reminds me his assistant Annie is going on vacation to take care of her mother.

“Hey babe you know Annie is leaving for vacation in the next few days?” I could tell by the tone in his voice he was trying to get at something “Oh no who’s going to answer your phone and get your coffee” He gives my ass a smack “You woman”.

I grab his dick through his jeans “Yea right” He picks me up and sits me the counter “So you’re telling me No?” He starts rubbing his hands up my thighs “Oh no you don’t” I push him away and jump off the counter “You’ve been holding out on me since you tied me up” He walks up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist “If you wore more than my shirt while cooking teasing you wouldn’t be so easy”

His tongue is twisting and turning around my ear trying to distract me from the task at hand “You need to stop so I can finish dinner” He starts rubbing my pussy “You want me to finish you?” He’s rubbing my clit “If I say yes you’ll stop” He starts rubbing harder “You’re right”

He smacks my ass and gives me a kiss “I’m going to take a shower” I fill up a cup with water and throw it on him as he leaves the kitchen.  He’s having way too much fun getting me excited then leaving me with a bad case of blue vag.

The dinner was perfect Connor had a good time and got some pretty good gifts and of course after dinner the guys ran off to the bar and left the ladies to do all the cleaning.

The next morning I was expecting to sleep in we just came back from vacation had a nice dinner with the family so my plan was to wake up late take a nice long bubble bath tub and maybe a 5 hour nap. But my husband had other plans he picked me up out of bed threw me over his shoulder like a caveman took me downstairs for some 4 am P90X

After the unwanted workout I was waiting for Runner to take his ass to work so I could finally get some sleep and to speed up the process I’ll make him breakfast while he jumps in the shower.

He comes down the stairs looking sexy in his suit “Stay home with me” He sits next to me inhales his food and gives me a kiss “You have an interview at 9 don’t be late” I wrap my arms tight around his neck “I’m not going” He kisses my forehead “Your clothes are on the bed be there at 9 Love you”

I walk into his office at 8:45 and see him on the phone drop my coat on the floor and show him I’m not wearing anything but a pair of black lace panties and his favorite pair of red bottoms “Can I get you anything baby?”

Left High And Wet

oh yes


Runner has made waking up in the morning my favorite time of day.

Yesterday I got a 6 am wake call from that devilishly good tongue of his at first I thought I was having just one hell of a dream but he takes a good hard bite on my clit my eyes shot open. It took a second for my mind to catch up with my body since he wore me out the night before but once my mind catches to the party between my legs……. It….was….on.

 I went to grab his head but my hands suddenly stop I look up and see they were tied above my head “Seriously?” He starts giving me that devilish grin and teases me some more begging me to touch him knowing damn well I can’t  “Touch me baby” I pull at the straps “Untie me” He closes his eyes and continues on with the tongue torture only coming up for air every once in a while.

Just as I’m about to explode he moves away and starts kissing my inner thigh and soon develops  a rhythm lick….kiss….bite…..lick….kiss…..bite   he lifts my leg in the air continuing the kissing~licking~biting all the way up to  my ankle “I like you like this”  he licks the arch of my foot “At my mercy” He’s moving his hips back and forth making his dick rub between my lips “I want you like this all day” He grabs my other leg starts licking circles around my ankle “All day foreplay” He starts kissing down my leg “There is no way I’m going to last all day” he bites down on my hip bone “You will because I said you will”

He’s kissing my stomach twirling his tongue around my belly ring then tugs it I couldn’t resist moaning he continues kissing me up to my left breast grabs my nipple with his teeth pulls it till it pops out his mouth

My body was more than ready I wanted him to stop playing and fuck me “Are you done playing?” He licks up my neck over my chin and slides his tongue into my mouth “You ready?” I wrapped legs around him “Yes” His hands rub legs and he wraps them and spreads them wide open.

The head is barely inside me “More?” “Yes” He pushes it in a little further leans over and kisses me “Sorry I can’t its shower time”  This asshole jumps off the bed goes into the bathroom I start pulling at the straps “Jason you bring your ass back here and finish” He pokes his head out the door “Sorry I can’t hear you”